SONOS Sub (GEN 3) wireless bass cabinet, black

Powerful bass. The wireless subwoofer for deep bass. Listen and feel the difference by connecting the Sonos Sub to your Sonos system.

Vibration-free bass
Two force-cancelling speakers in the center of the Sonos Sub eliminate vibrations and rattles. The result: powerful bass without distortion.

Exceptional design. A sound to match.
Its award-winning design features a sleek silhouette and gloss black finish. Stand the Sonos Sub upright, or lay it on its side.

Bass and treble have never been so powerful
Sonos Sub reproduces the lowest frequencies, while remaining faithful to the midrange of the speakers paired with it, for a richer, more detailed sound.

Explore system configurations
Create a more immersive experience for music, home cinema and more.

FROM €849

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