Hymage: French Excellence in Mirror Televisions for Hospitality

In the demanding world of hospitality, every detail counts to offer an unforgettable customer experience. When it comes to combining elegance, technology, and functionality, Hymage is the undisputed reference as a renowned French manufacturer of mirror televisions. With true artisanal know-how, Hymage redefines aesthetics and innovation in the hospitality industry.

Image and Sound Quality:

A clear image and quality sound are essential to ensure a pleasant experience for your customers.

Size and Design:

Our mirror televisions adapt to the size of your rooms and complement the aesthetics of your hotel with a modern and elegant design.

Durability and Reliability:

Our mirror televisions are designed for intensive use.

Connectivity and Integrated Features:

Our mirror televisions have the ability to connect to various devices and services (such as Wi-Fi, streaming services, Netflix, Mycanal, etc.)

Ease of Use and Maintenance:

Our mirror televisions are easy for your clients to use and simple for your hotel staff to maintain.

Energy Consumption:

Energy consumption can influence your choice, as we are aware that hotels often seek to reduce their ecological footprint and energy costs.


Cost is always an important factor, our rates are calculated to best meet your budget, especially when buying in quantity.

Safety and Features Specific to Hospitality:

Some models offer security features or customization options tailored to your hotel’s needs.

A Passionate Team:

By choosing Hymage, you opt for elegance, reliability, and cutting-edge technology for your hotel establishment. Our mirror televisions bring a touch of sophistication to each room, while offering customers an exceptional visual experience.”


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